Mass/MKULTRA is an Athens and London-based company that makes new work in Europe since 2001.  Performances have been presented in theatres, galleries and found spaces.  A network of artists across Europe that manifests in different combinations at specific sites to create performance, site-specific projects, installations and sound based art. Since 2001 there have been twenty-nine Mkultra Manifestations in Greece, England, Italy, Spain and Wales.

The work is often site responsive. Using a ‘real’ location as the base material, incorporating and developing its’ physical & social architecture with overlays of sound and object installation; working beyond theatre time and utilising distinctive performer audience formats. The work moves around the real and the reproduced, the structuring of social architectures and the creation of intimate situations. By pointing at the constructednes of the situation we live in and at it’s own existence as a construction, our work attests to the capacity of individuals and communities to construct new social situations.

Mass/Mkultra makes urban interventions, performances, city walks, community projects and workshops, large scale installations and sound work.

The company have presented 30 productions since 2001 in Greece, England and Italy performances have been shown in BIOS (Athens), National Theatre of Greece, ICA (London), Technopolis (Athens), Young Vic (London), BAC (London), Shunt (London), West Yorkship Playhouse(Leeds) and festivals such as Hellenic Festival (Athens), Teatro Europeo (Turin), Turin Biennial, AND (Liverpool), Fabrica Europa Festival (Florence).